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Breaking: NATO Confirms 20 People killed at Kabul airport



There are so many countries working under Turkey that have taken the initiative to deploy in the Afghanistan capital Kabul.

There is still fighting in Afghanistan due to the fact that Taliban need to wipe out collaborators of the overwhelmed regime.
There are reports of shooting of women that fail do not wear the Hijab as a requirement of the Sharia law that is the proposed mode of ruling now.

Women and Children internally displaced by the war are crowded at the airport waiting for evacuation by various countries. Many of these refugees have been flown to Turkey, India and other neighboring states.

In a video, a group of American and Turkish Corps were pictured doing humanitarian work to the children and women refugees who were waiting at the airport. There are so many attempts by the rebels to attack the refuge bases but were repulsed by the NATO ending into the killing of over 20 people.

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