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Report: Eritrea Moving Faster Than Any African State Towards Self Reliance



Nearly 2600 technical and commercial schools graduates both boys and girls depart from Various parts of Eritrea and travel to Sawa, the Center for the mandatory National Service military, political and technical training.
The youth in the National Service play a pivotal role in the construction of vital infrastructures such as roads, dams, schools and hospitals.
Eritrea pursues a policy of self reliance and independent political and economic policies.
Eritrea does not borrow money from the west or China and follows its homemade policies that put the interests of the people first.
Eritrea promotes social justice through the provision of free healthcare and education from kindergarten to university including free food and accommodation in universities and colleges.
In the last 30 years 950 small, medium and large dams were designed and constructed by Eritreans in order to harvest rain water and to support the modern irrigation agriculture.
Eritrea is the only country in the region that does not accept food aid because food security has been achieved.
In 2005 Aid agencies including USAID were kicked out of the country because they were interfering in the internal affairs of the country. Only UN agencies like UNDP and UNICEF are allowed to operate in Eritrea.
Eritreans are very patriotic, resilient and proud Africans.

Here is a link to Kerkebet dam 14 km long and capacity of 350 million cubic meters. Designed and built by Eritreans
By: KidameMariam Eyob (Eritrea)

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