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Exclusive: Tracing the Depth of the Afghanistan Crisis



By: Trevor Kasasa ( Makerere University, Uganda)

It’s usually hard to win a war based on an ideology ( because humans die but ideas don’t ) . The same applies to Afghanistan . We can’t exclude the fact that many people support that Faction . This made it hard for USA to win that war .
1. The Talibans had a back up of people from Afghanistan who support the SHARIA LAW ideology ( these people acted as spies)
2. Afghanistan being a graveyard of all empires , it wasn’t a surprise for USA to turn out for negotiations . More blood was going to shedded .

Another issue is that
Whenever you are preaching change or reform , don’t go to extremes of expecting behaviors of people to change in a day or night .
USA was against the extremism tendencies of the Talibans but they couldn’t obsolete the dreaded Sharia law in a night .
It would be traumatic and it would create heated arguments .
Talibans are foundation of observing sharia law and u expect them to Treat a man and a woman equally!!!
Absolutely not , this implies that a war wasn’t going to end untill , so USA played a card of showing respect to their norms hence leaving Afghanistan . To keep the innocent lives .

China is a contending to be a superpower . This implies that USA has a task of rebuilding it’s international relations . Forexample
Tramp refused to sanction Saudi Arabia after the murder of Jamil Kashogi ( his intention was to strengthen the relations )
The same issue is applying in Afghanistan , America might be having a long term goal of establishing relations with the Taliban government n middle East at large .

3.The new government has higher chances of being frustrated by the media . Ever since it invaded Kandahar , the media has played a bigger part of tarnishing their name ( this can spark off another revolution like the ARAB SPRING has always been)

4.In Moral relativism
It is Believed that there’s no absolute rules of determining what is wrong and what is right .
Basing on the Societal nature of Afghanistan which is Islamically founded , to a lower extent I don’t blame the Talibans on enforcing Quranic acts like Veiling in public .
If they start differing from their ideology of Quranic teachings , they can loose popularity in the eyes of conservatives wc can make them to revolt . Public administration tells us that the nature of society gives you the way of governance . That is what they are apparently doing .
Iam happy that some extreme acts of refusing the girl child to study where ditched ( According to their speaker during a press conference)

5. Around the world the spirit of Nationalism has been rejuvenated .
It started in Britain , it withdrew from European Union , then Tramp administration showed us that USA has seriously started avoiding the globe issues , it is going back to the routes of making America great again .
One of the steps is avoiding Wasteful wars ( like that one ) .
Alot of money was wasted and life , so America had to play cards right .

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