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UN calls for Schools to reopen



The (UNICEF ) united Nation children’s fund spokes person James Elder while adressing News reporters in Geneva Switzerland, he said that reopening of all schools can wait for all students to be vaccinated.
Schools should be last to close and first to reopen, its a terrible miatake to reopen bars and pubs befor schools.
“All over the world, education, safety,food and friends have been replace with violence, teenage pregnancy and anxiety”, he added.
While citing Uganda,He said that between march 2020 and june 2021,there was 20% increase in pregnancy between age of 10-24 years.
According to the reports from the UNICEF,in east and south Africa,40% of the school age children are out of school.Well as in Asia and pacific , schools have been closed for 200 days,SouthAmerica and Caribbean, there are 18 countries and territories were schools either closed or partially closed.
Schools in Uganda were closed for 306 days with only 0.3% of households having internet connection.
He therefore hee called on all government to protect their education budget despite of the pandemic that caused economic hardships.

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