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Rwanda :President Paul Kagame extends lockdown for five days



The president of Rwanda Paul kagame announced the extension of lockdown for more 5 day. The extension was announced by the government prohibiting unnecessary the movements in the city of kigali and other districts in order to reduce the rate of virus infection.
The government reimposed the second lockdown on 17th june and it was to end on 27th june.
The president baned public transport except for essential people who carry out essential service well as bicycles and motorcycles are not allowed to carry out any movement, outdoor sports and recreation are also prohited,public and private offices and businesses are to close unless those that provide essential services and finally schools and higher education institutions will also remain closed.
According to the Director general of Rwanda biomedical center Sabin Nsanzimana, he said that the decision was done by the government to give them time analyse the situation and consolidate what had been achieved to curb the spread of covid 19 in the country.
Currently the mojority cases and death rates Are from
are related delta virant detected in india and the government is forcusinng on vaccination of 30% of the entire population, he added.
Neighbouring country like Uganda is also still under the 42days lockdown which was imposed on 18th June , however its ending this this Thursday and the president is to address the country on Saturday either to lift or to add some more days.

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