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Devastating: Makerere university students cries out for help from the government



A section of Makerere university students who remained in their hostels are crying out for help fron the government to come and rescue them as they run out of food.
The students say, they have been selling their things such as mattresses,phones and utensils so as to get what to eat, however the situation is getting worse.
“Just imagine what will happen when people run out of what to sell, i don’t want even to think about it, ” Okwalinga who is astudent said.
According to the guild president Ssempijja ivan said, anumber of students have been rendered to foood insecure as aresult of this status quo, those staying at the hostel are even failling to clear their bills and they are even on the risk of being evicted by landlords.He therefore called for the government to consider vaccinating students, revise mechanisms that will ease financial burdens to students and parents and also to reduce on the 12% levied on internet because its affecting students using the on-line study platforms .

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