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Badblack Opens War On Salvador and Bukedde Tv staff;”You Sleep like swine”



Luzira upper prison’s former inmate Shanitah Black Namuyimbwa has furiously told off her colleagues that trolled her in the media over failure to clear two months rent arrears. In a late night live facebook show, Black spat fire while airing her side of a story that trended for almost a week online. It was all over that she is being evicted by her landlord from a house she has rented for one and a half years at $160O dollars per month. Approximated to 5.7 millions shillings in Ugandan currency.
Badblack owes two months rent rent to a land lady she has not met before comuniciated through brokers. Badblack in her live video, complained about show host Sseguya whom she accused of misleading his audience by telling them that Badblack showers packed mineral water. This an act Black admitted to but was done in the days of when she had just stolen from her ex lover David Greenharlg. The furious Masolo Queen accused Sseguya for being ignorant and uninformed that all her estates and properties were frozen by a court verdict.
“Its sad that a host of public show is uniformed but speaks out aimlessly.
Other celebrities that commented about this was commedian Salavador aka Peter Idringi and Ritah Kaggwa whom Black nicknamed Zombie thought she said that she would ot waste time discussing Ritah that shares a bedroomwith her mother inlaw and husband. Badblack accused comedian Salvador for being a lazy man to an extend that the woman he married was just gifted to him by Sudir’s son Rajiv Rupareria.
“You a such a poor play boy who even can not afford a wife. You have no audacity to discuss Badblack. I am sure at some point Rajiv will come and take back that woman he bought for you.” Said black while speaking live in a poorly lit video.

To flash back a bit, Badblack is a former sex worker who rose to fame after she stole an approximated sum of about $4 million US dollars from her ex boyfriend a British businessman known as David Greenhalg. Badblack became the biggest spender about town in the days until when she was followed jp and arrested in 2009. She spent almost three years in jail and five years in court battling cases of fraud. Shanitah Black Namuyimbwa lived so luxuriously outshining all socialites and philanthropist of the time like Judith Heard, Sk Mbuga, Zari Hassan to mention but a few. The court would later come to a verdict that all properties and assets owned by Badblack should be frozen by court. Among them was a brand new house she bought in Munyonyo. This entirely left her a tennant till now.

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