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Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro Rebuts Bebe and Chameleon: Your Assertions are Baseless



Mr. Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro a playwright, director and actor says he has felt the impetus and consequently found the locus standi to replyto musician Bebe Cool on his purported reply to the man of all seasons Bobi Wine.

“I should from the onset qualify you as a CONFUSION MONGER filled with shallowness,dishonesty and deceit.
First i will settle the dust on your mind boggling assertion that Bobi wine’s write up was precipitated by his historical musical competition with Chameleon.

As an artist with a creative mind, this was being naive or rather running away from reality of his write up.
Bobiwine has not been on stage for four years now while Chameleon’s last show was in Gulu after meeting General Saleh to which he even attested to in word and action on the 31st day of December 2019 at the famous Enkuka ya Cbs.
On this day,clad in Bobi’s shirt and beret famously known as People Power attire not only exploited bobi wine’s social capital but endorsed his Presidential abilities to an awaiting audience.
So you are either forgetful or playing your now accustomed character of a CONFUSION MONGER.

In Jose Chameleon’s quest for Lord Mayorship, he voluntarily crossed from his childhood party DP where he had been received with glamour on a Wednesday the 27th day of June 2020 ahead of the 2021 election and consequently, he was decorated with responsibility of National mobiliser.
With his grown appetite for the Mayorship, he believed that having Bobi wine’s backing would hand him a landslide victory in his quest to oust Erias Lukwago as Lord Mayor.
Consequently, denounced DP, applied and subjected himself for scrutiny by the NUP Electoral Management Committee to have the flag.
_’Bobi wine encouraged me to enter politics, saying that it was time for us to take on leadership. After serious thought, I decided to be the change I want to see,’_ he said on picking up the nomination forms from NUP Headquarters.

The committe found him wanting for the same thus his dream of having the Umbrella not materializing.This occurence warranted your hullabaloo against Jose and I guess the internet can help you to revise your own contradiction.
It is therefore foolhardy and absurd to juxtapose and insinuate competition where it does not exist.
In fact, Chameleon stood as an independent and scored 10% of the 300.000 votes Bobi Wine designate garnered (where)*to the detriment of dictator Museveni and you his cohort.This figure was historical and also gigantic.

On legislation, when Bobi Wine discovered that Parliament was a rubber stamp and bogged by NRM numbers, he left to aspire for the biggest office in the Country with one objective, to rid ourselves from the institutional rot before our eyes but sent back 60 members of Parliament,now that does not need rocket science to understand.

In any case your opinion on governance seized to matter way back in 2011 when Moses Ssali did not support Bidandi Ssali even after being shot at centenary park Bebe cool settled for cake not change.

On the issue of social capital, i will use Nan Lims simplified definition as an individualistic investment in social relations with expected returns in the market place i.e when you sang Bigsize it sowed and you bought yourself a HAMMER not when you bought one from statehouse.
I will elucidate less on your heavenly figures of Operation Wealth creation because i doubt you have acquainted yourself with the Auditor General’s report or the statics of UBOS.Therefore i will leave you to swim in your incompetence or accept your character of a CONFUSION MONGER.
Lastly it is not surprising that you hallucinate over Bobi Wine’s travel anti _Mazzi Mawanvu. On a lighter note, regards to My former classmate and childhood friend Zuena whose Covid recovery was encouraging under the circumstances.

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