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On 6th June this year the Republic of Uganda was put back on a 42 days lockdown due to the then rising cases of covid-19. Almost all workers were shut down apart from the so called essential workers.Sad but true the country was not prepared for the second lockdown despite of the fact that the first lockdown had affected Ugandans so much both financially and emotionally so, the second lockdown just made the situation worse.

Those of us who can access the Poor Ugandan out there witness this. Every day, a hundred mothers, often as many as two hundred, take their children in various stages of malnutrition to Mulago Hospital’s acute ward
Some of the children are in shock, severely malnourished, hanging precariously onto life, their bodies already getting cold. Even those not in immediate danger are on the speedway there unless they receive urgent help.Through various medical interventions, or just the use of therapeutic milk, or by teaching mothers how to re-lactate, a very high percentage of these children are brought back to normal life from the cusp of death.
But because of the lockdown, the Acute Ward is now a ghost town. The nurses who save the children’s lives are not considered ‘essential workers’, and even if they were, they couldn’t make it to the hospital without commercial transport. And, of course, the mothers cannot bring their children for the same reason.

And so, Mr.President the 42-day Lockdown has turned into an involuntary house arrest with direct death sentence for hundreds of those children every single day. They are being mourned and buried quietly in their indigent homes, along with hundreds, possibly thousands, of other daily lockdown fatalities, away from the glare of the media and publicity reserved only for Covid victims.

The scope of suffering goes beyond the unrecognized deaths and hunger to violence and Mental insanity, this is because so many people have lost hope both the adult and young. Their plans went to ground, young girls are now mothers what can I mention and what can’t I but let the top officials know that the situation on ground is worse than ever before.

The Nabanja money is still in transit up to now, those who are trying to provide relief are blocked claiming that they will spread corona virus. Ugandans are crying hunger the government is quite. It’s like the government is not ready to cater for the people in lockdown then what is the use of the Lockdown if the government can’t cater for it’s people on house arrest.

I think we shall have to open up our society and learn to live with Covid after the end of the 42 days.

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