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Stella Nyanzi Kisses Fellow Woman To Please Gay Community In Germany



Researcher and Human rights activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi is has now gotten home with her ideas and support for the Lesbians Gay Bi sexuals,Transgenders and Queer People.

Stella has often called out Gay communities to fight for her when ever she is trolled for supporting acts of sodomy. While in her Kampala Woman Member of Parliament race, she was openly asked to denounce her gay support or lose the race. But she publicly said she would denounce fighting for minorities hence loosing an election in an area where the majority are pious in their Islamic beliefs.

Lately, Stella Nyanzi decided to to fly to Germany where she is openly interacting with people of her own mindset in regards to minority groups. Reports show that she could have found her self a gay partner on this trip as she seen kissing a fellow woman at the meeting of her thighs.

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