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My Wife is pregnant, Obbo on why he stole GRC allowances



Obbo the Hammer has rebutted to ongoing reports indicating that he walked off with UGX 7 million meant to cater for the allowances of the 86th GRCs.

Obbo acknowledges that he walked off with the money purposefully to meet the antenatal costs of his girlfriend who is yet to give birth.

“My wife is 8 months pregnant. I don’t have money and this was the only chance I had,” Obbo says. “I will not refund that money even if they say what. I don’t fear prison. I’ve slept in Luzira before and I’ll do the same for my pregnant wife,” he adds.

Obbo insists that even the GRCs do not deserve to receive any penny since schools are still closed as per the presidential directive on covid. “Why should they get sitting allowances when they even use zoom?,” Obbo asks. “Let them get other things to do. They are representing themselves but not students,” he adds.

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