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DP Spokesman Discourages Guild Constitution Amendments At Makerere University



The Democratic party Spokesperson Mr. Okoler Opio has raised his voice today over the proposed amendment of the Guild Constitution at Makerere University. Okoler is a law student at the same university.
A few days ago, the students constitutional affairs minister, Hon Ruhayana passed out the document on the proposed amendments on the guild Constitution. However, section C of the same document that requires the removal of popular voter rights is what has raised eye brows among students up to now.

Among the students opposed to this amendment is Democratic Party Spokesman Okoler Opio Lamunu. He said, he did get the honor to peruse through the said suggestions, but argues that an electoral college vote in Uganda of whatever nature will serve to exacerbate the situation. He added that one may be doing it in good faith but behind it there is ignorance of what may become of their move! Okoler maintains that the proposals if adopted will change the voting in Makerere to be like that of NYC. It will be NRM or money all through. Opio conclusively discouraged the students’ Guild from amending the Constitution but encouraged them to stick to the values of truth and justice as the only way to serve their subordinates.

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