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Muk Guild President Ssempijja denounces NUP, Plans to meet Gen. Saleh



Makerere University Guild President Ivan Ssempijja’s rift with the National Unity Platform party is not yet to end after the medical final year political doyen has denounced the party principal Bobi Wine saying he cannot be led by an MDD holder.

“I am pursuing a nobel course of medicine. You can’t expect someone of my stature who pursues a course of 5 years to bow down to an MDD diploma holder,” bragged Ssempijja in the 86th Guild cabinet whatsapp group. “Let’s be realistic. What can Bobi Wine add to me? I defeated his candidate Oguttu,” he added.

Ssempijja adds that if he is to pursue his career in politics, he would prefer to have a round table engagement with bush war historical general, Salim Saleh, the brother to president Museveni.

SSsempijja Ivan Guild president of Makerere

“Salim Saleh is a good man. I remember last year when our students were beaten, it was Saleh who stood in solidarity with us as Bobi Wine was in Magere writing posts on Facebook,” he wrote in the cabinet group.

Given the endless financial woes in the cabinet, Ssempija told the house via a zoom broadcast that Bobi Wine is not the solution to that problem but rather Salim Saleh.

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