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Shock as Obbo the Hammer flees with 86th GRC allowances



Former KJ Prime Minister Obbo Johnson is on the run after fleeing with UGX 7 million meant to pay the allowances of the 86th GRCs.

Sources say the bearded insatiable glutton sneaked into the Guild Mama’s office and stole the money which was to be given to the speaker, Kamukama Godfrey.

“I found my office door broken and the envelope which contained all the GRC session allowances taken,” cried Guild Mama. “We suspect Obbo to have stolen the money because he was spotted around Africa hall premises,” she sobbed.

Former Guild prime minister 85th Government

Apparently, Obbo’s known phone contacts are switched off. Our efforts to trace him for a comment remain futile as the ex Luzira convict remains on the run.

Friends of Obbo say he has grappled with the harsh side of the lockdown poverty that struck him ever since he left Guild politics.

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