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Muk Guild Academic Minister Frauds 6.7 millions



The 86th Makerere Students Guild Speaker, Rt. Hon. Kamukama Godfrey, together with a majority of the GRC caucus have tasked their Academics Minister, Shamim Nambasa, to return UShs. 6.7 million that she has allegedly embezzled from the Guild coffers.

Shamim’s budget is said to initially have been at UShs. 7 Million as passed by the GRC house last semester. She however is alleged to have manoeuvred her way and conjured up inexistent receipts which she used to secure an extra UShs. 6.7 Million. She has been spotted at Bikini parties.

The house was all up in arms as many of the GRC’s began calling for her immediate impeachment due to gross incompetence and abuse of office. The house has since warned her to either bring back the embezzled monies or face their wrath.

The Minister for Students’ Affairs, Ochieng Emma, is also cited in the embezzlement scandal. He is said to have bagged UShs. 945,000 and is now renting in a posh apartment in Muyenga.

Shamim was recently seen on a spending spree with her boyfriend as local tourists. When grilled by the GRC yesterday to account for the monies however, she and cohort allegedly put the cost of 5 Zoom Meetings at over UShs. 3 Million.

It must be noted that the 86th Guild recently received UShs. 340 Million Shillings to run its activities.

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