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Exclusive: How Roy Rugumayo Controls 86th Guild



Former political assistant to Stella Nyanzi

The ongoing drama in the 86th Guild House is a scripted series orchestrated by renowned lifetime psychology student, Roy Rugumayo.

For the past 6 years that he has been at Muk, Rugumayo has never won a direct election. In 2015 in his first year, he vied for GRC and lost miserably and missed out his only chance to be part of the 82nd Roy Ssemboga Govt.

The following year in 2016, Roy again stood for GRC for the second consecutive attempt and lost again. After realizing that GRC politics isn’t his thing, Roy relegated his interests to merely school presidency where his deep intimate relationship with female students helped him win the position.

In the same year, he backed Siperia Mollie his defacto girlfriend and tried to lobby for her the position of Vice president which ended up in the hands of the then unknown Judith Nalukwago.

Rugumayo and Oyeki Gerald who also fought for his wife (Kirabo Marion a renowned tuition increment advocate) lost the battle to Nalukwago.

Rugumayo now commands a big force in the Ssempijja government. He is the boyfriend to the new Vice President Nouella Juach, a GRC from his own school of psychology whom he lobbied the position for. This Mafia and Obbo are behind the College vote system that seek to disenfranchise the students’ will. It is boldly alleged that Rugumayo and Kahiigi pocketed UGX 6m from one professor at Cobams to initiate the reforms project.

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