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Why the mailo land of all???


The mailo land tenure system started far back in 1900 after the Buganda agreement. This system exists mainly in Buganda and in some parts of Mbale, Bunyoro and Toro.

Two categories of this land tenure system were introduced that is the official mailo owned by Kabaka, Katikiro, Masaza chiefs and other kingdom officials. The other was the private mailo owned by individuals. when I talk of 1900 it is easy to understand that this land tenure system has existed for so many centuries.

Surprisingly the President of Uganda Mr. Yoweri kaguta Museveni Tihabulwa came out and decampaigned the Mailo land tenure system claiming that it has caused so much land rivals. This has left many baganda people asking why is it now after all those years that the mailo land has existed. Many rumors have been coming out that Mr. Museveni is trying to take his revenge on the regions that failed him during the recently completed presidential elections.

Isn’t this turning true after witnessing all the vital government positions say ministerial seats given to other regions and buganda has been considered less.

But what do we say, the Government should consider the fact that some mailo land was bought on savings of people who wanted to make their investments and also the fact that some current land owners just bought their land religiously a few years ago. It is not a crime for one to enjoy investments left behind by their grandparents. By the time Buganda Agreement was signed, there were 1.6 million people in Buganda and there were no disputes over land.
Do you think it wise for Mr. Museveni and his NRM government to abolish the mailo land tenure system?

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