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Makerere Guild President Proposes The Removal of Popular Guild vote rights.



Students of East Africa’s oldest university have woken up this morning with rage. This follows a report that the guild president elect Mr Ssempijja Ivan of National Unity Platform allied with management to lure his GRCs into passing a motion to eradicate the popular vote from the institution.

Many students who earn a living through the popular vote and it’s mode of campaign have expressed great frustration in Mr Ssempijja cursing him for betraying him as early as this.

According to alumnus Frank Bwambale a journalist and former student activist at the University, “this policy is ideally an infringement on the rights of the students to vote for their leaders. Frank added that with the increasing rate of mafia funding in student politics, having a fewer number of voters will hand the office f the guild president to the anarchists forever and ever.

While a group of students are viewing this as an open chance to reduce the power of the school of education being the most populated school at the university.

The rate at which policies are cropping up is another worrying factor.

A section of students is accusing the guild president of fronting an NRM agenda in this program with an aim of increasing the chances of having an NRM guild president.

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