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Gulu university finally discovers new herb to heal covid 19



Gulu university discover covid 19 herb-Covilyce 1

The latest development is by Gulu University that has delivered good news of hope with a discovery of a Covid-19 Herb that allegedly cures corona virus in 72 hours. The herb (Covilyce) is awaiting approval from the National Drug Authority but has already worked wonders on over 100 patients.

Dr Alice Veronica Lamwaka, the principal of the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine Centre of Excellenc at Gulu University says the University’s herbal COVID-19 treatment drug will be on the market very soon. She says they have an organized and professional way to handle the sale of this drug.

“We shall have a professional and organised way with the university handling the sale of the medicine,” she emphasized.

However, Dr. Lamwaka said they are still manually pounding the herbs using mortar and pestle because they don’t have a grinder, and are manually packing the herbs because they don’t have a production line.

NATURE HEALS YOU#COVILYCE1 by Gulu University, #Uganda for Covid-19 comes in linctus, suppository, oral powder, drops forms. Price: UGX 30,000–150,000/dose depending on severity of the condition and therapy combinations. Tel: +256772588078 *They report a 98% recovery rate — Eva Nyanzi (@EvaNyanzi) July 10, 2021

Gulu University joins Mbarara University, the epitome of Covidex, an indigenous herb that is already approved and on the market. With more other Universities in the land researching tireless, the Covid fight could soon come to an end.

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