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The question of the day is that “will this project work or not?” Because we have seen many incidents where the NRM government brings such projects and they end up in trash.

Following the gun attack on Gen.Katumba wamala that succumbed his daughter and driver, The government of Uganda has unveiled the plan of installing tracking devices in all private and public vehicles in the image of ensuring security. This was masterminded by the new security minister Major Gen(Ltd) Jim Muhwezi. The security minister said that they already secured a 10 year deal with an Eurasian firm called Global Systems LLC to install these tracking devices. The former spyman said that this will help them to quickly resolve crimes as vehicle movements will be monitored. Under this plan, the company in a process to be superintended by the government will attach spy chips in all vehicles, motorcycle and barges for which owners will pay shs 20,000 per year. Many Ugandans especially the opposition leaders have came on board preached against it claiming that it will deny Ugandans their freedom of privacy.

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