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Covid : kyambogo university student in critical condition at mulago hospital



Kyambogo university student in critical condition

A student of kyambogo university called wejuli Albright has been admitted at Mulago hospital because of covid.

Albright is a second year student persuing abechelor degree in arts and social sciences.

It is said that wejuli went back home very well fter the closure of all universities by the president during his national address , however one week later he started to feel unwell and he was rushed to mulago hospital for diagnosis. The reports from the doctors was that wejuli had covid 19 and ever since , he was bedridden until today.

Wejuli albright

We still remind all students that Coronavirus causes flu-like illness in people. It is dangerous and if not reported early to the nearest health facility, it can cause severe illnesses in human beings and if left untreated can lead to death.Therfore one should wear the face mask and follow the Sops.

Wait for more updates as we keep you posted.

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