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Nakidoka village in Nadunget, Moroto district Witnesses First Graduate



Nakidoka village in Nadunget, Moroto district Witnesses First Graduate

Former Moroto district speaker Deogratius Lokiru graduated with a post-graduate diploma in law at the Mbarara Law Development Centre.

Lokiru thanked his parents for enabling him to acquire an education, adding that it is now time for action. He also appealed to the Karimojong elites countrywide to return home and serve their people, saying the sub-region is in dire need of help. Lokiru thanked his parents, relatives and friends for raising him to the challenge of legal practice.

“Since I was born 25 years ago, I had never heard of a graduation party in Moroto district,’’ Lokiru confessed.He said he had climbed the mountain where the terrain was so challenging, but, of course, “I have made it as the first lawyer in Moroto district.I will now focus on ensuring that the Karimojong also move ahead in areas of education and development.”

However, Lokiru’s jorney was not plain sailing, it was tough, citing the insecurity during his internship in Karamoja, had no mentors and the struggle was entirely single-handed.

The entire village waited on Lokiru’s big day to hear his name being read out at the virtual event that was televised because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Locals cheered as Lokiru’s name was readout. They sang and danced in the family backyard in a moment of utmost bliss.

Source campus bee


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