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Presidential address summary as school, churches, closed for 43 days



Uganda goes in for another lockdown


1. All schools to schools for 42 days effective tomorrow 08th.06.2021 by 8am

2. All teachers must be vaccinated before they enter school premises.

3 Communual prayers is banned for 42 days. Online prayers are encouraged.

4 Public or cultural gathering is suspended for 42 days with the exception of cabinet meetings after thorough screening.

5 travel from category A country is suspended ( India)
6. Agricultural activities to continue because they don’t encourage crowding
7. Non Agricultural activities allowed to continue are , factories, malls, supermarkets with strict adherence to the MoH guidelines

8 gathering points such as factories, plantations and taxi parks are allowed to operate with strict SOPs
Marriage ceremonies and other functions are allowed to have only 20 participants

9. House parties are suspended
10. Number of persons at funerals should not exceed 20

11. Monthly and weekly markets are suspended for 42 days

12. All public transport from district to district is suspended for 42 by 10th of June.2021, except btn Kampala and Wakiso

13. Essential and emergency transport is allowed
14. Public transport is allowed within the district
15. Cargo truck are allowed carry only two people.
16. Bar remain closed
17. All sports is allowed without spectators, player must-have a PCR test.

18. All public places must adhere to the sops, encourage people to work from home, encourage 30% presence of staff to work at one point

19. Private cars should have only 3 passengers, should only move within the district, inter district is suspended

20. Ambulance are allowed to operate normally

21. Malls should close by 7pm

22. Pharmacy can operate beyond 7pm

22. Food markets should close by 7pm

23. Lodges should operate without bars with strict adherence to the SOPs because drunkards can’t understand sops
24. Curfew remains at 9pm to 5:30am

25. Boda boda to operate until 6pm.

26. All the above directives, take immediate effect

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