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Mubs likely to extend exams due to fear on the numbers of covid cases



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The administrationof Makerere business school (MUBS) has been getting reports of students falling sick in their hostels but it remains unclear what the students are suffering from but the Principal of mubs Prof Wasswa Balunywa fears that they may not be able to handle the situation if it turns out there’s a COVID-19 outrage in the Students Community.

“We have reports of MUBS students falling sick in hostels as you may note in Social Media starting last Sunday. We have been to the Hostels establishing what is on the ground. Right now as I write a team is inspecting several hostels.” One Balunywa’s tweets reads.

“We have agreed to work with Hostel owners and the Guild to get facts and together find solutions. As expected students don’t have Resources for both testing and treatment. If we establish COVID 19 cases, it will be out of our ability to handle, fortunately govt has requested us to give a report on the status of the problem for possible guidance on the way ahead. If there is no stabilization of situation we may have to delay exams so as to safeguard health of both students and staff,” Balunywa tweeted Another tweet sent by Balunywa reads.

How also added that they were advised by the government to give a report on the problem and see how it can guide or intervene. Balunywa also advised the MUBS staff to stay home unless they have to be at campus.

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