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Kyambogo university removes surcharge from students



CampassTv News-kyambogo removes surcharges from students

In the beginning of this week the university administration removed surcharge from students. Surcharge is an additional 50,000 shillings that is added to students account incase he/she fails to complete tuition within the 6weeks.This all have been achieved under the 17th students guild leadership of Mbazira john senior. Its is remembered that last week on thursday, the students guild held apress conference at students centre to adress to the students and the public at large about the delays in responding to their letters by the administration.

H.E Mbazira said that they adressed numerous letters about the students challenges to the management but all of them we’re dumped to litter and non of them had response . They later on matched to the senate to hear from the V.chancellor himself prof. Elly katunguka, however things turned way around when the police tear gassed them and Many students leaders like Namara Claire who is the vice president, ministers like Hon Alphonso, Nkuruzinza, Hon Ssali, Hon Makamoit, Mucungunzi, among others we’re arrested, paper spread, beaten bad off and taken to jinja road police.

kyambogo university

The concerns included the extension of semester, ODel/Online lectures which students said that they have no data, so the university should buy them data, laptops and teach lecturers how Odel operates.

Surcharges which is an additional 50,000 added on to students incase one fails to pay with in the first 6weeks and finally they needed a clear road map concerning the graduation ceremony.

According to different students that we interviewed, many expressed their happiness about the removal of surcharge, however other issues like odel, extension of the semester not yet revealed. Wait for more news from the only social media platform that’s is their for students.

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