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Gen. Katumba wamala survives assassination as the daughter shot to death



Katumba survives assassination

Gen Katumba Wamala today survived an assassination attempt after men with guns riding motorcycles shot at military. Sadly , Katumba’s youthful daughter Brenda Wamala did not survive the bullets . According to a close relative, Brenda had just come back after finishing her studies in America.

‘brenda had just returned from abroad after finishing her studies in America. I don’t know what the government will do because Katumba hasn’t done anything to deserve this. This is heart breaking,” tearful Joyce Sentongo, Gen Katumba Wamala’s relative revealed.

According to witnesses, the gunmen were riding on two different motorcycles. This is a style of assassination that is not new to Uganda. Several high profile assassinations including from MP, Ibrahim Abiriga and former AIGP Andrew Felix

The General who hardly moves with a lead car was travelling with his daughter, a bodyguard and a driver

The assassins shot at the right side of his vehicle. The driver and Wamala’s daughter, Brenda Wamala were seated at the right side. According to reports, the two died at the scene. According to Ms Justine Nalongo from the Rotary Club of Ssesse Islands which the general is a part of, Katumba Wamala confirmed the death of his daughter on a phone call.

“He told me “I have been shot. My daughter is gone. My driver is gone”,” Ms Justine Nalongo told journalists.

Security forces and forensic experts secure the scene of an attempted assassination on Ugandan minister of works and transport General Katumba Wamala in the suburb of Kiasasi within Kampala, Uganda June 1, 2021.

Reports indicate that the General is safe and was rushed to Malcolm Hospital in Kisaasi. He was later moved to Medipal hospital on John Babiiha Avenue near the golf course.

Gen Katumba Wamala was rushed to MALCOM Clinic in Kisaasi for first aid. He is now en route to Nakasero Hospital.

Chief of Defense Forces, Gen David Muhoozi, visited the scene where Gen Katumba Wamala was shot at earlier. His daughter Brenda Wamala and the driver, who were with him in the car have since been confirmed dead.wait for more continue as you to subscribe for more news.

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