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KYAMBOGO UNIVERSITY:The Guild Fellowship in progress



Greetings Kyambogo University Students !
Our key interest is to make sure we develop the Education at Kyambogo University.
Following up the recent exams,alot of students missed exams due a no.of reasons.
The University has to interest itself in such circumstances herein;the supplementary exams should be put in place to enable students who missed to also do exams.

The Quality Assurance Policy is a policy ignited by the University,purposely to ensure that the service prospel to the National level.This is a legal obligation that the Tertiary Institutional Act is put in place in all Universities.
•The Quality of Academic Programs that respond to the client needs should be a priority.
•The Quality of the Structural and infrastructure facilities is also a responsibility of the quality Assurance.
•The Students and Staff support Services.It is the responsibility of the University to provide a conducive environment to the students.
Objectives of the QUALITY ASSURANCE
•Provide infrastructural facilities
•Provide a conducive environment for Teaching and learning.
The policy was passed in 2014,so the University had enough time to organize and put it into place.
Strategies include;
•Establish a directorate.
•Develop guidelines,rules and manuals.
Emphasize skills Training.
•Strength Committed at all levels.
•Improve the teaching and learning processes.
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