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Kyambogo university starts a campaign “say no to alcohol abuse”



Say no to alcohol abuse at kyu

#NCD(Network for community development) in partnership with Astrazeneca has today organized seminar at kyambogo university we’re they came up with a team called the ambassadors. During the seminar, The trainner stated the key players such as health specialists, ambassador, councilors and students in this campagin.

The main purpose of this campaign is to reduce the levels of alcoholic abuse amongst students in kyambogo and in different universities at large.

According to the trainer, Alcohol abuse has five different levels which includes,level 1,its also called the occasional level. Its characterised with taking of alot of alcohol foristance a person taking it in party. Next level 2,its where a person makes its a program wherever they go out, he/she takes a bottle at least. The 3rd level is programatic drinking, at this level a person cannot easily control the amount of alcohol he/she takes. The 4th level is is alcohol dependency where a person becomes dependant on alcohol that is say they can’t do away with it. Finally the last level which is also known as alcohol addiction where a person is addicted so much to alcohol.

Different dangers of alcohol abuse was also mentioned which includes health dangers such as,

1.weaking the immune system

2.causes heart problems among others.

The seminar was attended by the university top students leaders such H.E V.president Namara Claire, Minister for social on and off campus affairs Hon. Kiiza francis, Minister for justice and constitution affairs Hon.Arinda Dickens, minister for health Hon. Ayebale Caroline, Hon Mucunguzi francis who is a minister for National and international affairs among others.

Different students such as kibuka Erick , Brian, tonny, Matthias, seta, among others shared their experience on alcohol abuse and how it affects.

The main reason for this seminar was to train ambassadors so that they can create awareness about the Healthy dangers of alcohol abuse.

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