No late coming-UCU guild president suspends the chief justice

 No late coming-UCU guild president suspends the chief justice
ucu kampala

Uganda Christian University (UCU) Kampala Campus guild president Ms Phoebe Namujehe suspended the Students’ Guild Chief Justice Ms. Lilian Asio, Justice Mukwaya Paul and Justice Lonah over the weekend for what we have learned she says is “incompetence and delaying to attend a meeting she had scheduled with them.”

The Magufuli wannabe further fined them Shs 200,000 before she’d let them resume their duties.

Owen Masembe, a student at UCU has threatened to drag the Guild President to courts of law over what he termed as “illegal suspensions” in the operations of the Guild Council.

Mr. Masembe has since, through his Public student Interest Lawyer Mr. Albert Ainebyoona threatened to sue her if she doesn’t recall them back to duty arguing that she doesn’t have the mandate to suspend them.

His lawyer further said that the suspended Justices have a right to perform their duties without being threatened by the Guild President at any one time.

As CampassTv media, we are to get the guild president so that she explains to us more.continue subscribing for more.


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