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Kyambogo university students:says no to online lectures



Kyambogo university students says no to online futures

On Wednesday, kyambogo university 17th guild president Mbazira john senior organized the general assembly for all students.

Kyu general assembly

Among the issues discussed we’re ODEL(Open distance E-learning) commonly known as online learning, Surcharges then extension of semester.

Over 90% of the students who attended the assembly never supported on-line studying because most of students at kyambogo have no money to buy data on daily basis to attend the lectures yet the campus WiFi is too slow , No gadgets and some said they don’t know how it operates.

Among the students who supported the online lectures was Hon.Hakim former GRC school of management and another GRC from special needs. among the reasons for their support we’re, it helps the students to transform into new trends of learning like other universities abroad. They also said the university can also partner with telecom campanies like MTN to provide cheap or free data to students, so they dont see failure of this online learning platform .

But according to our interviews with some of students at faculty of special needs, they say that some fellows are blind and how will they attend the online lectures. So the university should avoid the online platform and continue with face to face lectures.

Some of engineering students who never supported said that how will they manage to do the practicals Online yet some of the machines they use for practicals they can’t afford it.

The guild president Mbazirajohn senior promised to forward their views to the university council to find way forward.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch some videos for what took place during the assmble.

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