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Kavuma vieri alias viex vivie is a student at kyambogo university doing a bachelor’s degree in oil and gas production year 3, but surprisingly doing things that are not even connected to the oil industry. Vivie is also a rapper with songs like how i rock and hustle which you can find at howwe, with our conversation as campasstv with viex, he told us that he is a fan of many things such as music, movies, soccer and playing with kids.

Film making is one of the things he has wanted to do since his childhood and he made his very first video using a phone. He managed to start up a film making company known as slim snaps. He also added that at this stage he can do 3d modelling, visual story telling, visual effects, video directing and editing. Film making is a skill he taught himself through reading content on the internet and watching tutorials on youtube.

In the near future Viex Vivie sees himself among, and if possible the best film maker in Uganda and Africa producing Hollywood content and even better.

The biggest problem he is facing now is equipment and he looks forward at patterning with other film makers to produce the best content.

You can find Viex Vivie

Facebook: Viex Vivie / slim snaps

Twitter: @vivieviex / SLiM

Instagram : Viex Vivie

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