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Makerere university :Guild electrol body has issued out tentative Road map



makere university electrol commission

The office of Guild eletrol body Makerere university led by chairman Mr Twijukye Jackson has today came up with the tantative road map to be followed by Guild presidentail aspirants and guild representative council aspirants.

For the guild presidential elections , from 18th-22nd March, there will be submission of applications for verification and verification of candidates as well.From 19th to 23rd, there will be subsmission of certificate of academic standing and collectIon Of nomination forms followed by 24th-29th there wil be issueing of certificate of nomination, publication of dully nominated candidates and presidential debate on 29th.

For the GRC, from 18th-25th, there will be submission of applications for verification, 19th-25th March call for Nominations, collection of nomination forms, publication of dully nominated GRCs and from 26th- 29th there will be debates.

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