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WCW : Meet emily Yvonne Kyambogo university beauty queen and a slayer as well



Emily Yvonne kyu beauty slayer

Today we take a move to kyambogo university where we found emily Yvonne, she is a second year student persuing a bachelor degree in information technology. Her Beauty glitters like gold- diamond and mirrors to the maximum, She likes to hang out a lot with friends and have her fun to the fullest. Obviously, Emily looks fresh and trendy though staying at campus with the latest fashion styles and given the fact that she is just are a student.

Emily also loves movies, cooking, listennig to music, and traveling to see new places and reading books as expected.

Emily Yvonne
Emily Yvonne
emily Yvonne
Emily Yvonne

Emily belongs to no one but herself. When we asked her about relationship, she replied am single and I don’t need because I can take care of my self.

So if you like to become Asocial media friend or make some ”connections”, find her on social media platform

Twiter-Emily Yvonne

Instagram : Emily Yvonne

Facebook : Emily Yvonne

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