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UCU V. Chancellor launches birding aimed at boosting tourism



Ucu VC launches birding

Birding which is now one of the major elements of Uganda’s growing tourism sector was on February 05 launched at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono to equip students with practical ideas to start their own businesses and create jobs.

The Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi said birding will help develop students’ skills freely at the university and keep them away from searching for jobs. He added that this will also develop the university’s curriculum.

“We have launched the collaboration between UCU and private sector foundation of Uganda who through their skills develop facility and have given us a grant of Shs230 million to sponsor the training of our students of this area of birding,” Prof. Mushengyezi said.

The VC said in the program, they already have Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality and this project will help them as they shall connect with experts in the field as the main emphasis to having the practical component of the training.

Prof. Mushengyezi also said that they have started beautifying UCU.

“We are changing the gate of Bishop Tucker, putting up an information center, roads, walkways, student’s digital launch with speedy network, security lights, new packing that can have over 100 vehicles and others,” he said.

The Dean School of Business, Dr.Martin Lwanga said the project kicks off on February 08 with UCU as the pioneer in birding amongst all universities in Uganda.

He said the project is beginning with 30-50 students who will have free trainings in evening hours so that it doe not interfere with their studies.

Dr.Lwanga said many young people in Uganda are unemployed and there is need for them to create their own jobs to have a better living and future.

Johnnie Kamugisha who now has over 600 birds and doubles as the founder of Johnnie Uganda Safaris in the area of Tourism says: “Those who are going to train in birding will not suffer looking for jobs, they will create their own jobs and will earn and also travel to different countries.”

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