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Cabinate meeting sits today for the reopening schedule of schools



Cabinet sits today on the reopennig schedule of schools

The minister of ICT and National Guidance, Judith Nabakooba said on Sunday that Cabinet will be sitting today at the State House and it will receive a full report on the state of preparedness for learners from the ministry of education.

After that parents and learners will have to wait for guidance from the Ministry of Health and President Museveni on the way forward.

“Whereas reopening of schools for all learners to allow physical interactions is still on hold, we have come to learn that some schools are secretly violating this guidance and allowing students/ pupils of other classes to attend school physically,”she said.

She advised school administrators and parents involved in such initiative to immediately to stop.

Recent developments, however, have seen the re-opening of schools for candidate classes and a good number of learners, especially in urban areas have continued to learn through different mediums, including e-learning.

Numerous calls have been made to government to adopt e-learning as the main medium of teaching in a situation where learning institutions are not fully reopened to all classes.

Wait for full reports in the evening as CampassTv follow up.

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