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Kyu guild president petitions revised internship calendar



Kyambogo University’s current guild president Jonathan Tundulu alias Tundu Tundulu,wrote back to the Vice Chancellor petitioning and contesting the Engineering Dean of students’ recently released Internship Calendar on grounds of being abrupt and therefore ‘somewhat inconsiderate’. 

In this letter, Tundulu expressed his sincere infuriation with the program arrangement as it comes at a time where COVID-19 is at it’s peak in Uganda and as a result, poses a threat to all 30,000+ students of the institution. 

Jonathan also quoted that many of the would be compliant internship placements while following standard operating procedures have shortlisted their already existing staff to essential personnel only and for that reason are more likely to politely decline any non-priority additions on ground. 

Our reporter also learned that the time frame provided to the students was truly insufficient and of short notice all while the mode of communication utterly sketchy as most students to date remain unaware of the on-going program.

Tundulu then requested the University top management to effectively communicate a more considerate internship, one that is inclusive of the on-going pandemic all while catering for the multitude of students who won’t be able to secure placements.

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