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Makerere university fresher’s to report back in January



Makerere university last week released its revised academic calendar for the students to report back to school(freshers and continueing). The revised calendar was approved by the University Senate in a meeting held on Friday last week. According to the calendar,

  • Fresher’s Orientations Saturday: 30th January to Friday: 5th February 2021 (7 days )
  • Semester One: Saturday: 6th February 2021 to Saturday 8th May 2021 (13 weeks)
  • Semester One Holiday Break: Saturday: 8th May 2021 to Saturday 15th May 2021 (1 week)
  • Semester Two: Saturday: 15th May 2021 to Saturday 14th August 2021 (13 weeks )
  • Recess Term Saturday: 14th August 2021 to Saturday 11th September 2021 (4 weeks )
  • 71st Graduation Week: Tuesday: 16th March 2021 to Friday 19th March 2021.follow campass TV for more news
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