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Ugandans protests after bobi wine being arrested



The of police Of Uganda ealier on today came up with anew guild lines on the enforcement Sops (standard operating Procedures) to be followed by the 11 presidential aspirants when conducting their campaigns.

How ever today just after the new guild lines , the Nup presidential candidate Robert sentamu kyagulanyi alias as Bobi wine was arrested in luuka district and taken at police station called Nalufenya in jinja city. His arrest sparked off violence and riot in different districts like jinja, Gulu, kamuli, Iganga, mbale, Masaka, kamapala among others and its reported that 4 people died in the violent demonstration by bobi wines funs.

According to the police spoke person Fred Enanga said that bobi wine failed to follow guidelines put in place by the electrol commission of not having more than 200 people while campaigning so as to contain the spread of covid 19 in Uganda and also it will carry on investigations on the cause of death of the 4 Ugandans.

This also came after FDC presidentiaL candidate patrick Oboi Amuriate(POA) was arrested yesterday in Gulu. many young people in Uganda says they are demonstrating against the brutality of police and dictatorship of the current president HE.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who have so far ruled them for 35 years and they are ready for change.

Bobi wine is till detained at Nalufenya in jinja as police carry on investigations. Follow campassTv for more updates.

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