Makerere university finds solution to power black out

 Makerere university finds solution to power black  out

Makerere university has been facing a problemof power black outs, however a solar grid-tie system has been developed to pilot a project at Makerere University to ease power outage problems.

CampassTv approachef Dennis Rukundo, a solar PV Expert at the Makerere University Centre for Research and Energy Conservation (CREEC), and he reVeAlex that the solar power grid-tie system will solve the problem of darkness during outages.

The new 10-kilowatt solar project that cost CREEC close to 70 million shillings will be understudy for at least three years, meanwhile a bigger project to power the entire university. 

It works in a way that as the solar panels charge the solar batteries, one uses the on-grid power, but when the on-grid power goes off, immediately the solar power grid-tie system powers on.

The new solar grid-tie will solve the problems previously caused by power outages.

Previously, when on-grid power shaded off, the lectures often stopped and a lot of confusion was experienced at the CEDAT building especially at night.we congratulate mak for such an achievement.


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