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Makerere finalist :non residents to pay 145000 for accommodation at the university



Makerere university announced shs 145,000 offer to non resident finalists who wants to reside in the university hall as they return to complete thier studies. However only four halls to be openned as away to ensure that SARs is followed and enforced. But in reveasal decision, the university openned halls like Mitchell, complex, livingstone and kabanyoro students hall.

The Dean students cyriaco kabagambe said hat all halls of resident will remain operational through the study period upto December and the warden will ensure single occupancy room allocation to the residents and then the non resident will follow.

In our interaction with some of the finalists who are non resudents, they said that the university has thought of them and it has saved them form hostel owners how we’re charging them high fee of over 400000 yet they were to stay in the hostels for not more than 2month.

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