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University student leaders holds a meeting with the speaker of the parliament



Its is remembererd that the president of Uganda of in his last speech ordered for the reopening of both private and public institutions but for Only students in their final year.

university student leaders from Uganda Christian University, Kyambogo University and Makerere University have assembled a fierce rebellion in the form of a petition to halt the said commencement should continuing students not be considered.

Few mentioned students leaders addressed their concerns about the reopenng of education institutions to the Rt Hon.Speaker and they promised to use all channels that their issues are addressed.

A number of issues we’re addressed to the Rt Hon. Speaker such as:,

-suspension of e-leaning

-Developing amechaniam for students with retakes

-preparation for rreopenIng for continueing students by the ministry of education

-Considerqtion of astimulus package for the special needs student

Among others

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