Kyambogo:Finalist still to pay the hostel fee

 Kyambogo:Finalist still to pay the hostel fee

Kyambogo University had meeting with the hostel owners to agree on the extra fee to be paid by the finalist, however students have been thrown into a frenzy after the University Administration failed to come to a consensus with Hostel Owners on the price of the supplementary accommodation fees for these students as they return back to study.

Hostels like bavana that accommodate the students have increased the supplementary fees which they (students) have to pay before coming back into their residential rooms.

According to a letter released on October 12 from the office of the Students’ Dean at the University, meetings were held on 11th and 12 October between the University administration and Hostel and Rental owners after listening to the cry out of parents of the learners.

The letter further indicates that the University Management and the Hostel Owners agreed that no hostel would charge beyond 200,000 Uganda Shillings for the reopening.

However, The Brink News has been reliably informed that a section of Hostel Owners have defied the fees which were agreed upon with the university.

Less than a week ago, one of the popular Kyambogo students hostels, Bavana issued out a notice requiring each resident student to pay an additional sum of UGX 400,000 for the remaining part of the semester that had been suspended.

Students say, they are confused, inconsistent and they are likely to be affected emotionally and academically as Universities reopen starting October 15 for final year students as directed By the President in his last speech .

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