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Kyambogo university to be compared with Harvard interms of infrastructure development



Kyambogo university has greatly improved its infrastructures foristance the renovation of fisher road commonly known as the road that connects East ends to west. In March 2020, the president og Uganda ordered for the closure of all institutions in Uganada.This gave chance to most of institution to improve on its buildings and roads which we’re badly in poor conditions because there is no interference of work by the students at the construction sites.

The fisher road at kyambogo is still under construction by UB engineers limited and the project was funded 6.7biillion by government of Uganda.

The main gate under construction at west ends is to be the official gate of kyambogo.

Recently others buildings like CTF(central teaching facility ), TTL etc we’re also constructed so as to provide enough rooms to the students.

Students believe the upgrading of all roads at campus, it takes a chance for kyambogo university to be compared with Harvard university interms of infrastructure development.

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