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Mikie wine(bobi wine’s brother ) unveils his new mansion



Bobi Wine’s young brother Michael Mukwaya aka Mikie Wine has unveiled his ‘mansion’ which he says cost him a lot of money.

The singer built a big home that surprised many of his fans who started questioning the source of his wealth.

Appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut show on Monday, Wine said he was inspired by his brother Bobi Wine to build a mansion adding that it was part of his dreams to have a decent house You which every one could admire.

Mikie said that he was inspired by Bobi Wine after seeing his house [in Magere].bobi wine taught him how to make money and how to save money. This house,mikie wine started on it some years back and hebcan’t disclose the amount of money spent to complete the mansion.

He said posting the pictures of his house on social media was meant to inspire young people to believe in themselves and become creative.

“Oh Lord, I thank u for the fruits of my sweat. I am humbled. Allow me welcome you to the White house because you are the reason as to why I smile when others want me to cry. I love u all. In God I trust,”he said.

He applauded his brothers for showing him the right way of becoming a hard-working youth with ambitions to achieve in life.

“My brothers gave me a platform, I could record my songs for free and I am so grateful for that.I would like to urge all artists and singers out there not to lose hope because everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself,”he said.

It has become trendy for artistes to show off their investments.

Last week, Peter Miles said he invested so much money into his Miles Marines boat business.

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