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Makerere university building destroyed by fire



Makerere university’s main building commonly known as ivory building caught fore in the early wee hours of Sunday morning.

According to the vice chancellor Makerere university, professor Nawangwe says that its true a dark moment has covered Makerere as its the the first disaster they have never had in the most 100 years of existance in less than ayear.

“Its true that its is a dark moment to Makerere university and the fire was disastrous but its not the end of the university, The ivory tower is still going to be existent. “Prof Nawangwe said.

He makes his remarks as reassurance that although the building which housed many offices has go burnt, all information kept in those offices are still intact as they have it digistalised,a statement that brings relief to stake holders. Prof Nawangwe affirms that they are very determined to reconstruct the iconic building exact way it was and they wouldn’t celebrate 100 years with the demolished building in the institution’s premises so they will work hard to reconstruct it. The departments were of Human resource, Public relations and Finance that they we’re affected.

The course of the fire is still unknown but its said to be an electric problem since it started from the roof and it spread so faster because of the ceiling is wooden. But investigations is going on by the police.

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