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Perfect Dresses for Both corporate and casual events



Choosing address to wear to an corporate event or casual outing is dependent on the style of the dress. With fashion blog on campassTv, choosing a style isn’t so difficult, its as long as you know the right style that will do justice to your beautiful figure.

Here are the 5 outfits to rock both as cooperate or casual outfits.

Shifrt Dress.

They are very versatile, they can either be paired with sneakers for casual look or with high heels for cooperate of formal look.

Fringe Dress.

They are so in vogue this season. They can also be worn as casual or cooperate out depending but on how you style up.

Smooky Dress.

smooky dress usually called rubber dress’s are also versatile. They can be worn for both corporate and casual events. To switch from a casual look you can pair ablazer and heels.

Shift Dress.

Shift dress should be a must for every day, you can switch from corporate look to casual look by changing accessories and shoes.

Off shoulder Dress.

TThe off shoulder dress came back in 2018 and it can be switched easily.

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