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Uganda christian university to start Exams intwo weeks



The vice chancellor prof Aaron Mushengyenzi has instituted ateam to mobilise resources locally to support the UCU staff who are not working.

Prof Mushengyenzi said, the students are to start exams on September 7th-2020 after the National council for higher education cleared the university to persue their online Learning amid the covid 19 pandemic. “The university is well prepared to carry on examinations and all student will be reached out whenever they are, “he said.

Prof Mushengyenzi said this at the university during the press conference and called on the students to prepare themselves for online education. The vice chancellor in charge of the academic Affairs, Dr john Kitayimbwa, said more than 90% of UCU student own laptops and 92% own smart phones, adding that the learning is possible and will be free.

Dr kitayimba said the university had subscribed to MTN for data and students will only have to buy and connect to access the UCU academic servers . He says, the examination from will be delivered to students at their home and students who are upcountry should take responsibility.

The vice chancellor Administration, prof David Mugawe said, on the issue of tuition, it is only the functional fees that will not be paid.

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