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Make a trip to source of Nile jinja



The source of Nile is located in jinja. The first European explorer was john speke to discover the source as the second longest river the world. Its drainage basin covers eleven countries namely Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

In particular, Nile is the primary water source of Egypt and Sudan. It has two tributaries, the white Nile and the blue Nile. The white Nile is considered to be the longest and it arise from Great lakes region of central Africa, with the most distant sources but still undertermined but located either in Rwanda or Burur which flows north through Tanzania, lake Victoria, Uganda and south Sudan. There are several hotels in jinja and some of them includes, Source hotel, Nile resort, king fishers, source of nile hotel, jinja club, brisk hotel among others with god accommodation.

Interesting activities at source includes, white water Rafting, boat cruises horse back rides etc

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