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Facts about murchison falls



Murchison falls is also known as kabalega falls. Its a water fall between L. Kyoga and L.Albert on Victoria Nile in Uganda. At the top of the murchion falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks only7m (23ft) wide befor following westwards into L. Albert. The out let of L. Victoria extends around 300 cubic meters per second of the water falls squeezeed less than 10meters wide. Samuel baker and Florence baker we’re first European who sighted murchison falls. Baker named it after Roderick murchison the president of Royal geographical society. The name. Was changed to kabalega falls after king kabalega of bunyoro although it was never legally promulgated during the regime of president Iddi Amin in 1970s. But some times th fall is also referred as kabalega falls, many national parks with beautiful floral (plants) and fauna (animals ) are also around it.

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