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How to improve on your social media marketing



Starting social media marketing plan can be intimidating. There is Instagram, facebook, twitter, YouTube, tik tok, among others. You need to make posts, make ads, comment on others posts, interact with your audience, grow your audience and stay authentic the entire time. It can be slightly over whelming at the first. Marketing on social media is only ongoing to continue to grow, so its important to keep some of the below tips in mind to expand your business and grow your brand.


Do you know your product from your customers point of view ? Answering some of these questions is helpful way to dertemine your marketing strategies. By figuring out the personality of your ideal customer, you will be able to make that appeal to them.

What do you sell ? why do you sell it ? what are you most known for ? what is your brand. In your bio persons of your ideal customer, what would they like ? Can you create multiple persons and go through the process of buying your product as this.

Using the persons, what words , images, or videos appeal the most to them ?

Using thes personas, what would attract them to your social media ? What would turn them away from media ?

understand social media platform

Whatever you post needs to be genuine and relevant to each social media platform. Is it a good piece of content for your current following ? Is it competitive yo get more followers and exposure ? Is it Sponsored post to get traffic and conversations ? How do your words and image relate to your end goal words, Should be gunuine, well written and interesting, relate to your audience. Tap into who they are and what they might want to hear.


Good photos, great words

Correct formats for all video.

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